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Live Arabic Music from the Nile Band


Based in Manchester, England and founded in 2000 by Tabla Player and Band Leader Medhat Al Masry, the Nile Band brings the hypnotic melody and rhythms of the Arab World to wherever you may live. With live music and songs originating from the Middle East: Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, North Africa and the Gulf. The Nile Band also incorporates French, Turkish, Greek, Persian and English popular songs and is the only Middle Eastern band in Britain to provide/ perform live structured music (Maceincea) for bellydancers and group/ troupe dance. From modern pop to traditional folk and classical, you will find it impossible not to dance or clap along! Alternatively, you may choose to simply sit back and soak up some improvisation and spiritual Sufi music, madeeh, zekr, abtehalat and anasheed.


Traditional instruments such as the Qanoon, Oud and hand-held percussion: the Tabla,  Duff,  Raq and Sagat are teamed with the more modern keyboard as well as bass, flute, saxophone and violin. There is a great diversity of songs and duets are also a key feature of the band. You will be captivated by the three male and one female singers’ smooth, soulful voices and charismatic stage presence. The fusion of sounds creates a performance that appeals to old and young alike, to an increasingly British and international audience as well as first and second generation Arabs. Regular appearances at festivals and events in the U.K and abroad have brought them a wide fan base. Whether at a wedding, cultural event, party or hafla, in a restaurant or club the irresistible atmosphere is the same. Vibrant, different and above all fun, the Nile Band is an exciting embodiment of today’s multicultural Britain.


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Live Arabic Music with the Nile Band

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