Our Belly Dance schools offer:

*Egyptian Bellydance Classes (all levels),
(classes include rhythms, translation of the music/instruments, links, transitions etc.)
*Learn to bellydance to live music,
*Learn to drum: "Egyptian Tabla Classes",
*Have your favourite music choreographed,
*Fusion choreography also available,

*Get fit with our  Belly Dance Workout Sessions,
*Request tailored 1-2-1 sessions,
*customized "women only", Class available,

*Special Occasion classes also available...

Contact us:

Reading: Contact NadineWe Bass: +44(0)7779716536 

Goring: Contact Rachel Hislop :+44(0)7415355487 

Basingstoke: Contact Kathryn: bellydancer@btinternet.com

Already learning somewhere else? Not a problem!  Get more skills from us!             
Our School welcomes everybody and looks forward to hearing from you all.

Drumming classes in London or Workshops in Reading

Beginner Level: Instrument position, hands flexibility with practice exercises.  Control of different rhythm's techniques with right timing for basic dom and tack..

Intermediate Level: Main focus on the techniques using different rhythms variations and speeds.
Advanced Level: Entire focus in all different rhythm styles and the different types of drum solos within musical arrangement and for dance performers. (to be arrangerd with the master Farouk El Safi).
Rhythms-Practice-Drilling: People spend money and time to learn to play Tabla and it is unfair for them to not be able to practice in order to memorise and improve their levels.

Tabla We Raqs School offers this rare opportunity to non beginner drummers to practice at reasonable prices.  You don't have to be one of our students, this *New Practice-Drilling session aims to help improve anybody's drumming level in a relaxing atmosphere. 


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